Course Syllabus

Hello, I am your teacher, Tammy McPherson. 

Here is my contact information:

Hinds Community College -  Raymond Campus
Cain-Cochran Hall Office 248
My online office hours are: MW 1:30-3:00

My office phone number is 601.857.3903. However, I am not always in my office during my office hours since sometimes I am in a lab with students. I will do my best to work out a time with you when we can talk if we need to!


I STRONGLY urge you to use the Canvas messaging system to contact me.  You will get a much quicker response time than any other method since I will get the message much sooner that way, and of course you can send a message at any time.  I check my email several times a day, and if I do not answer within 24 hours, something is probably wrong with me!  The weekends may take longer, and if I have to go somewhere that has limited internet access (my mother doesn't even own a computer!) I will try to let you know ahead of time.

My direct email address is  You might also see it written as Both of these addresses send mail to the same place. These addresses are not clickable because I do not want you to send me email from personal accounts. Always send me email either through your Hinds email account or the Canvas Inbox. Know that Canvas messaging and email are different. I get an email when you send me a message through Canvas, but if you send me an email, it does not show up in Canvas.

I doubt you will ever need to send me any physical mail, but just in case you do, here is the USPS address:

Tammy McPherson
Hinds Community College - English Department
P. O. Box 1100
Raymond MS 39154


The syllabus listed below is simply a list of assignments.  This is not the best place to be to navigate the course.  Go to the Home page instead.

This link is to the Course Policy and Syllabus information for the class.  This information will tell you what is expected of you, the policies and procedures you and I have to follow, and just about every important and specific piece of information you need to know for this class. There is also an online module in the first week covering much of this information.

Course Summary:

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